How To Get A Tennis Ticket For Wimbledon


Wimbledon has to be the top tennis tournament in the world, and every day they sell out, so wouldn’t you like to know how the people who get in manage to get Wimbledon Tickets?

There are a number of ways that it is possible to get a Wimbledon ticket and hopefully this article will help you.

The first thing to do is to join a Tennis Club, and make sure it is LTA Affiliated, because Tennis Clubs that are LTA affiliated have an annual allocation of Wimbledon tickets for Club members.

Don’t just join and pay the subscription, instead get yourself known at the Club, especially the Hon Secretary and that will dramatically improve your chances of getting a ticket!

Another way is to become a member of the Lawn Tennis Association Advantage Club [LTA], before the middle of February. As an Adult member your chances of coming up with tickets for either Centre Court, Court 1, or Court 2, are about one in five. The family leader in a Family membership has two chances in five of coming up in the ballot, and you are entered automatically.

The Ballot is held at the beginning of March and you need to be a member of the LTA Advantage Club before the middle of February, and there are literally thousands of show court tickets available if you get lucky. There are other benefits at Wimbledon including a Dining Room for Advantage Members only, that can be pre-booked. Check out the LTA website.


Tickets are also allocated to the members of the British Schools Tennis Association (BSTA).

The All England Lawn Tennis Club itself has a ballot system, which has been running for over 80 years, and this is another way for the public to apply for tickets.

You need however to realize that demand always exceeds supply, and there is a strict deadline. Go to the Wimbledon website for details.

Next way is that you could queue outside the All England Club, and this is what thousands of people do every day during Wimbledon. There are about 500 tickets for Centre Court and Court One, and 500 for Court Two available to the public on a first come first serve basis, except the last four days on Centre Court and Court One.

This could mean queueing from as early as six o’clock in the evening, and it is possible to see a queue of people with tents and sleeping bags from late in the afternoon. The earlier you are prepared to queue the better your chances are.

Finally, there is Ebay, the National Newspapers Classified Ads, and even the chance to have lunch with John McEnroe or Boris Becker at a hefty premium. Just ensure the tickets you are buying, which will be extremely expensive, are Debenture tickets otherwise you may not get in.

Wimbledon of all the ‘Grand Slam’ tournaments is really the Ultimate for Tennis fans and players, so go get a ticket for next year.

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